Roy Keane reveals he wants to return to management.

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Roy Keane reveals his interest in returning to coaching. But it says it has to be with the right team and with the right offer. and said that it is not necessary to work only with large teams.

Roy Keane, legendary Irish midfielder Revealed that he is interested in returning to work as a team manager. He later distanced himself from accepting managerial duties for a long time.

These days, Keane works as an analyst for various media outlets. But before that he was a team manager. Sunderland between 2006-2008 and Ipswich Town from 2009-2011 as well.

After being asked if he would be interested in returning to manage the team. Roy Keane reveals It’s not necessarily a job at Real Madrid’s level. It’s just a job with the right challenge, the right club. And getting a contract that is worthy is enough.

In terms of playing for the national team He played his 50th match for the national team. With a 4 – 0 victory over Cyprus. His performance helped lead the team to successfully qualify for the 2002 World Cup finals. He was in the same group as Portugal and Holland. But he had a falling out with the national team’s manager. Mick McCarthy, causing him to be sent back to the country and unable to play for the national team at that time. What happened and predict what will happen next. After a few months, Roy Keane finally announced his retirement from playing for the Irish national team. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Keane hasn’t had much luck when he undergoes hip surgery. And had to rest for several more months at the beginning of the season. And when he comes back He seems calmer and calmer on the field. 

During 2005, Keane, who was suffering from a number of injuries. As a result, he rarely gets to play on the field. And there was also an incident that made Fergie angry at Keane. Which is The fact that Sir found out that Keane was preparing to go play for another team. Including criticizing other players, such as Rio Ferdinand, that the salary was too high. Various problems caused Sir, who already disliked undisciplined players. Release him from the team.

Keane moved to play for Celtic. Paid £40,000, he commissioned his own autobiography. Which also posted a message: He accidentally tackled Auf Inge Harland, which resulted in him seriously breaking his leg. Until I had to stop playing. Keane was fined £150,000 for each such case. and ended his football career here With a total of 10 matches

Keane life returns to the football world again. When the Sunderland team appointed Keane to take the position of new team manager. Which Keane can make the Sunderland team which at that time. Was in the Championship League Break through to play in the Premier League as the Premiership Champion. Created a great phenomenon for Keane.

However, Keane’s team control in the Premier League Not very good. At fighting Made the team lose many times. Until it sinks to the end of the table Causing him to finally have to turn the resign.