What is Hanoi lotto?

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  1. Hanoi lotto series or the Hanoi lottery

What is Hanoi lotto?

The Hanoi lottery is more risky than the normal Hanoi lotto. But there is a chance to win a high compensation reward. All 5 numbers will be awarded and the last 4 numbers will be used in the draw. In one set, you can win up to 6 prizes. You can view the results from 6:30 PM.

Basic rules for playing Hanoi lottery

  1. You can choose to play any round up to a total of 3 rounds.
  2. Choose to bet on 3 numbers, 2 numbers and running numbers in different ways. From the last number using the number set from the announcement of the first prize (ĐB) and 2nd prize (nhất) numbers.
  1. Hanoi VIP Lottery Hanoi VIP Lottery

It is a normal Hanoi lotto game, but must be played as a set of lottery tickets. Awards can be viewed from 7:30 p.m.

  1. Hanoi lottery special or the Vietnamese Red Cross lottery

It’s the newest Hanoi lottery. will be issued a prize from a total of 5 numbers and then use the last 4 numbers to be used in the prize draw Which can choose to play in 3 types, namely, 3 numbers, 2 numbers and running numbers. The results can be viewed from 17.00 with a prize that is 1 hour faster than the Hanoi lottery.