Pep Guardiola believes can get a triple of trophies like Man Utd has done

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes a triple of trophies like Man Utd has done is possible as long as his City team play consciously.

The City boss admitted the Premier League leaders had concerns in the second half of the goalless draw with Crystal Palace, leaving Liverpool now narrowed to a point.

It made the final two months of intense competition, with Guardiola claiming that his team were able to replicate United in 1999.

“Control is still with us,” Guardiola said to UFABET

“We are still leading the Premier League now. I don’t know if I will win the championship or not. But fate is still in our hands if United can do it once. it can happen and others can do it.”

“In September it will be more difficult. But there’s still 2 months left. So it’s still possible. It’s not easy But it happened once. which shows how difficult it is.”

“I know my team, their strengths and weaknesses that we can improve on. And from the mood inside, in the second half at Palace we were very worried, thinking ‘We’re not going to win’ and not playing the way it should be.”

“That’s normal. they are human they want to win I know our desire have to keep quiet. Otherwise we won’t do well.”

“So when it happens, another team can do it. It would not be easy but you can do it, of course.

“In September, October, November it is more difficult. But when there are two months left and still you can be there to win the titles, yes it’s possible.

“On the other hand, it’s happened (only) once in a lifetime so that shows how difficult it is!”