Kehl asks Sancho agent for Dortmund return chance.

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German media reports that Sebastian Kehl has asked his agent Jadan Sancho about the possibility of returning to Borussia Dortmund next football season.

The English forward was sold to Manchester United in 2021. But his performances have not been as good as they were in Germany. In addition, in the past many problems have arisen.

Bild made news on Monday that Kehl. As Dortmund’s sporting director had contacted Sancho’s representatives in the name of asking about the player’s situation.

However, in the club’s part, there is no official discussion. But in the case of Dortmund, it may be ready to negotiate only in terms of borrowing. Which if it happens like this, will not be approved by the Red Devils UFABET

This is not the first time that the 23-year-old offensive line has news. That it may return to play for Dortmund again. Because in the past there have been many news streams in terms of performance and the mental state of players that are not the same.

Still, some media outlets see that Kehl’s contact with Sancho’s agent may be neglected. Because the British wing has the same brokerage as Jamie Byno-Kittens Dortmund attack line.

“He [Sancho] is a very interesting player. If he’s coming to Liverpool I would be the most surprised of all of us.”