Joe Cole believes Chelsea can beat Real Madrid in the quarter-finals.

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Joe Cole believes his former club Chelsea can beat Real Madrid in the quarter-finals. Champions League After the random on Friday to meet.

The Blues will face the Real Madrid for the second season in a row, while Manchester City will face Atletico Madrid and Liverpool will face Benfica.

Despite Chelsea appearing to face their toughest opponent from the three remaining Premier League clubs, Cole is confident his former team will beat Madrid and qualify for the semi-finals.

Joe Cole believes in Chelsea

Asked if he thought Chelsea had the hardest job, Cole replied: “No, no! Chelsea would be very pleased with that.”

“They looked comfortable against Madrid in the semi-finals. last year And nothing has changed much.”

“I think all English clubs are delighted to be able to avoid each other. Of course it might be better for Chelsea, but it could also be worse.”

“Last year at Real Madrid they looked like an old team against a young Chelsea. A year later it hasn’t changed much.”

“I know Carlo Ancelotti has come in and they have quality, they are Real Madrid, they are always dangerous, but I think Chelsea will be happy with that enough” According to UFABET