Gary Neville warned the new owners of Chelsea

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Gary Neville, former England defender. He warned the new owners of Chelsea not to repeat the same mistake, Manchester United and Arsenal with the loss of top management.

         “Red Devils” were taken over by the Glazer family, CEO David Gill lost in 2013, while the “guns” lost David Dean, which both teams did not go anywhere. Especially in Road to the English Premier League Championship.

         It is reported that Blues chiefs Bruce Buck and Marina Granovskaia may leave the club following Roman Abramovich. If there is a takeover pointed out that the new owner should be able to keep both of them.

         “They’ll have to make sure it’s organized and who’s in charge,” Gary told UFABET Sports. You can’t have 3 people with the same vote – yes you can do it 2 to 1 but it’s not the right way to run a football club.”

         “You need a smart operator. What they really have to do is keep the people in office. It run this club under Roman Abramovich, that’s the first thing you should do.

         “You have to make sure you’re stable for two or three years, the last thing you want is all of them with Abramovich and at that point you’re going to be in big turmoil at Manchester. Terry United meet now, David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson leave the team together.”

         “Or with Arsenal when Arsene Wenger left and obviously David Dean who had gone before. It’s a big problem for Arsenal.”

         “Do not underestimate the importance of football club management and operators. I think the first thing the new owner has to do is keep that management team.”