Arteta doesn’t give up on Arsenal.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta insists he is still fighting for the Premier League title. Because achieving the goal grabbed the Champions League quota not enough.

Arsenal will host Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League London Derby Match This Tuesday. With the current situation, Manchester City has overtaken the crowd. After Sunday’s victory over Fulham, the Gunners trailed by one point and played one game more.

Asked about his run for the Premier League title this minute. Arteta replied: “Tomorrow’s victory. That’s what we have to do UFABET

“In the midst of disappointment and the spirit surrounding the club. We have to do two things. Recognizing what so many people at the club have done to bring us back into the Champions League. which is already difficult.”

“Not many people are optimistic that we have the ability to do that at the start of the season. And we need to start recognizing the good work. That many people are doing towards that goal.”

“The second thing I like the most. To achieve that with six games to go, something that hasn’t happened in more than a decade at this club.

“We are still not satisfied. we want more We want the club to be consistently at its best. That’s the idea we want. And that’s what I’ve loved the most these past few days.