Jorginho has attracted interest from Italian club Juventus.

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Joao Santos, the personal agent of Jorginho, has confirmed that the player in charge has attracted interest from Italian club Juventus.

         The Italy international has a contract until 2023, with rumors of him moving from the team in the past. Although it is also an important force of Thomas Tuchel, the team’s boss.

         With uncertain circumstances, there are speculations about the future of the players. Including Tuchel himself, that are uncertain. It depends on how quickly the sale of the club will be accomplished. And what is the new owner’s policy?

The Italian international has been a key part of the setup under Thomas Tuchel, making 24 appearances in the Premier League this season. While featuring 12 times across other competitions, which has included three finals.

Jorginho has scored nine goals within that period. He being the lead penalty taker for the club, but his contract at Stamford Bridge does expire in 2023, and with the future of the Blues in question, the status of the squad is unknown.

         Even though it is still banned from entering the buy-sell market at this time But Jorginho’s agent revealed the player was interested in “Juventus”. But insisted his first priority was to renew his contract with the club. According to UFABET

         “The market block for Chelsea, if the situation resolve. The first priority is to extend the contract with Chelsea,” Santos told Calciomercato IT.

         “I haven’t spoken to Juventus, but I know they interested.”